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Yes it is Tourettes Syndrome

Posted by Kay Mawson on November 18, 2014 at 1:50 PM

It is official that my son has now been given a diagnosis of Tourettes Syndrome with motor tics. 

He's suffering but still gets on with things every day.

After this diagnosis, my mind has constantly been pecked at by an invisible woodpecker as things are starting to click into place.  I feel it is important to 'unveil' my thoughts about what I feel is starting to become clearer in my eyes and is possibly a growing opportunity for future research. It seems from my years talking to parents of children suffering like my son did, that School Phobia, Refusal, Anxieties and so on "may" be co-morbities to something else. I say this as my son has suffered with Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures - a part of the Tourettes Syndrome and has now been diagnosed with official Tourettes Syndrome after developing severe tics and tremors with minor vocals. Having read about Tourettes Syndrome, it was interesting to learn that Anxiety, mood disorders, OCDs, aggression and anger and more, were comorbid to TS. It seems that my son was pre-disposed to his many problems as he was born with TS. We just didn't have things in the right order to solve the puzzle faster. Having nearly 1,000 members on the Facebook Group page has also resulted in many parents discussing their child's School Refusal issues, but they always seem to have other cormorbidities accompanying it. Please remember, that these are my ideas and thoughts and I ask that you ask a physician further questions and/or do some research yourself. Only you know your child, inside and out.

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