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Is it Tourette's Again?

Posted by Kay Mawson on July 3, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Three to four weeks ago my son started with a nervous tic after weeks of being bullied. The child in question has a group of Allies that did things like, crush biscuits in my Son's school back, access his bag and empty his aresole, read his diary and kick it around the room, make him stand whilst they fired elastic bands in his face, talked over him when ever he wanted to speak and more.  My son was asked to document this information which he did. The bullying continued. They accessed his bag, read is record of bullying events and would snigger whilst repeating quotations from his record back to him in silly voices.  My son visited his Head of House and the boy in question was there too.  He manipulated the entire meeting making it appear that him and my son were friends the entire time, even patting him on the leg.  However, when this ring leader went to leave, he glaced back at my son, giving him "the look".  My son knew it wasnt over.  It continued and the nervous tic appeared.

I spoke to the school which had triggered this first meeting with the Head of House but after it continued, I then visited the school and demanded to see someone about "bullying".  I met with the assistant head who told me she had 5 mintues to spare and I assured her that was all i needed.  I told her about the bullying events, the manipulation in the meeting with the head of house, that the bullying had continued and that my son had developed a nervous tic.  She assured me this would be handled. Another incident occured.

I rang about this incident.  Nothing happended about it.  Another incident occured.  I pulled up outside the school gates to see the assistance head on bus duty.  She told me then that she had received my message and i told her there was this further incident too.  She wanted to see my son first thing in the morning for a full report/chat about the past incidents.

My son visted the Assistant Head to chat about the past incidents with the bully.  Following this, we think the bully was spoken to as he avoided contact with my son. However, my sons tic became worse that weekend, and on the Sunday, he began to tremor. As the day went on, his tremors got worse. At each stage, I videos these.

I telephoned the school Monday to say that my Son couldnt come to school because he was worse again on the morning. School wanted to see us.  We arrived and waited in reception and the assistant head walked in to be met by us waiting.  She stopped and stared and was completely shocked and stunned by the poor state Andrew was in.  She told us she would be right back.  The head of house was on his way too.  When they arrived, we were ushered into the Chapel for them to stare in shock at my son.  The assistant head then asked my son wait in the car.

My son waited in the car whilst we discussed the past weeks and bullying. The assistant head offered her opinion that the tremors were puberty which I shot down as nonsense.  I advised them that my son was due to see the GP later that day and there had been discussions of using diazepam.  They both gave negative opinions on this.  I advised that my son had had Tourettes before and my thoughts were that it had returned under the stress of Bullying.  I told them the evidence was there, that he had grown worse as sunday progressed.  Also that my son had suffered problems since he was 9 so it was hardly puberty.  I felt that this suggestion was a way to defend their lack of action or taking the bullying seriously.

My son has been absent for two weeks now.  He is being tested for Wilsons Disease and is taking Risperidone which 'was' having an effect on him until yesterday when we saw the tremors creeping back up in their numbers.  The dose has been doubled.  We have also been told that the bully is mimicking my son's tremors at school infront of my Daughter, which she has taken badly.  I have yet again, rang the school to report this incident and requested feedback to their action.  My son is angry, hurt and let down that the bullying is continuing and hes not even there.

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